Leave Management System Project In PHP MYSQL

Leave Management System Project In PHP MYSQL

The admin performs an essential position in this Leave Management System in PHP MYSQL. He is the only accountable on all the control of the system. If you log in into the Employee Leave Management System as an admin you’ll see there the Dashboard, Department, Leave Type, Employees and Leave Management. The admin can view all of the latest applications and their status if the application has been approved, awaiting approval and now no longer approved.

On the Department, the admin can upload department and control department. On the Leave Type, the admin can manage type of leave and add type of leave also Under the Employee, the admin has the ability to feature Employee and Manage Employee. While at the user aspect or the Employee, he desires to join up first so he can log in into the system and may follow for a go away.

A Leave Management System is providing the feature of leave request process, making it easy for management and the employees for manage leave. The solution of your preference need to be strong sufficient to seamlessly deal with all of the levels concerned in a leave management process: application, approval/rejection, submitting leaves, dealing with leave balance, and analysis.

Leave management system proves to be a turnkey solution. Employees have access to self-provider portals in which they could request leaves and access leave benefits. Managers can view and approve leave requests in actual time. The system will routinely display employee leave requests and examine every request towards the employee leave balances. The system may also track all outstanding, approved and unapproved employee leave programs and keep data as required.

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