Employee RFID Attendance Software

Employee RFID Attendance Software

Employee RFID Attendance Software

An RFID attendance system enables managers to preview who came to work & who is absent along with the time of arrival & departure of every employee. With an RFID attendance system manager can also track employees who work outside the company & track the time they’ve spent at each client.

With the RFID tag attached to each student/ employee and the Reader installed at the entry points, the solution provides a high level of convenience and efficiency when compared to the traditional forms of attendance recording. Nowadays, you will find Radio Frequency Identification for managing the library.

Key Features of Employee RFID Attendance Software:

• Hands free Operation with reading range of 4-5 meters.
• Multiple & fast detection of employees.
• Integrated attendance system with readers at multiple locations.
• Display of employee photo, name, designation and time on the display panel.
• Optional Audio Warning to late comers.

This RFID attendance system was developed using several main components such as tags that will be used as a replacement of ID cards and a reader device that will read the information related to employee attendance. The result of this project is a software of RFID attendance system that is integrated with the database and has a function to store the data or information of every single employee.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based attendance management system can be used in any college or university or company. The main objective of the RFID based Attendance System project is to take the attendance of students or employees. The microcontroller does the task of storing the attendance of the respective person in the Microcontroller memory.

RFID applications you can immediately see how many items you have of any one type and their location or what stage they are at in the process. You can track items from the time they are received into stores, issued to manufacturing and used in a finished item. This makes it easy to manage inventory, perform stock checks and audits and control ‘shrinkage’. RFID can also help to find items that are on site but have been misplaced.

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